Apr 25, 2015

GBQ Camp

Calling all camp enthusiasts! SGRainbow will be organising a GBQ Youth Camp in Dec 2015. We are looking for volunteers like you to be part of our organising committee.

Positions available:

MarComm Officer (x1)
- Assist in sourcing for sponsorships – goodie bags and/or prizes for the camp.
- Provide timely response to queries from Camp Participants or to-be Camp Participants.
- Collate sponsorship list in an organised manner.
- Provide information to IT Officer to be used in the website.

Preferably someone who has a background in sponsorship acquisition. Knowledge in MS Office is recommended.

IT Officer (x1)
- Create the camp website.
- Maintain the website throughout the camp. 

Knowledge in HTML and other IT software is recommended. 
Programme Coordinator (x1)
- Plan the schedule for the whole camp (inclusive of the activities and games).
- Recce the campsite in advance.
- Assist Deputy Head Programme in other matters, where necessary.

Meticulous and able to work within a tight deadline.

Logistics Coordinator (x1)
- Cater food and refreshments for Org Comm and Camp Participants.
- Stock take and control all logistical items for the camp.
- Return all items back to the store where necessary

Meticulous and detail-oriented.

Important Details:
•Volunteers should be able to commit from June to Dec, and for the camp itself which will be in Early Dec.
•If there are more than 1 person applying for the same position, priority will be given to those who can commit and who has more experience in the specified position.
Recruitment for Group Leaders will only be done closer to the Camp date. Please do not apply for any of the positions above if you wish to be a Group Leader.

Write in to camp@sgrainbow.org with a short write-up of yourself and your preferred position. 
Deadline: 9 May 2015

Apr 16, 2015

Radar Retreat 1

Radar Retreat is SGRadar's first networking programme where it provides a platform for GBQ men (aged 26 to 35 years old) to network and mingle with new people over an evening of great food and novel activities.

Date: 9 May 2015
Time: 6pm to 9pm
Venue: To be disclosed to registered participants only
Dress code: 90's
Fee: $5

Register now here. A confirmation email will be sent out to you closer to the date.

Radar Retreat 1 is officially sponsored by foodpandaTealy, Climb CentralCutey & Beauty and Dottinghill. It is also supported by gayhealth.sg, AWARE and Oogachaga.

Mar 22, 2015

Real Radar #1 | 17 April 2015

Stable career? Check.
Monthly salary? Check.

SGRadar's first programme, Real Radar, debut with its first session on financial planning. Learn the 6 steps in managing your finances to have the perfect plan.

Date: 17 April 2015 (Friday)
Time: 1900hrs
Venue: CapitaGreen 138 Market Street, #06-01 S(048946)  

All participants will also receive a limited edition door gift. This session is free too. So why wait?

Register now by clicking here!

Feb 28, 2015

You Think, I Thought, Who Confirm?: Pref or Prejudice

"Chn only", "No ind", "Pref mly", "into whites only" 

Seen these on people's profiles on Jack'd or Grindr? Join us at the first session of Pref or Prejudice as we explore the racial dynamics in the gay community and find answers to questions like: 

- Is it racial preference or prejudice when someone wants to date only people of a certain ethnicity? 
- How exactly is it like for members of minority racial groups in the gay community, being a minority within a minority? 
- What can we do to counter racial prejudice and discrimination in the gay community?  

Hear from our panelists who will share their experiences and thoughts and engage in a moderated discussion on how we can create a more inclusive community for everyone in the gay community. 

Pref or Prejudice is a new theme in our You Think, I Thought, Who Confirm series, and aims to explore the intersections of different aspects of a gay man's identity. Future sessions will discuss topics such as masculinity ("masc and str-acting only", "no sissy"), body image issues ("fit for fit only", "no chubs") and biphobia in the gay community.

Pref or Prejudice is organised in conjunction with International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Feb 9, 2015

[Community] Ragnarok by Andrew Sutherland

Ragnarok is a challenging new work that aims to confront the darker aspects of human behaviour within the context of the gay community. Using Norse mythology and the apocalyptic myth of Ragnarok as an allegorical device, the play revolves around a group of characters who frequent an archetypal gay & lesbian nightclub – Asgard, in which verbal and sexual violence are used as the weapons of romantic obsession.

Dan is an idealist, who dreams of romance with beautiful party boy Alan. When Lachlan, a troubled figure from Dan’s past, returns into his life, Dan’s dream of happiness spirals irreversibly into a nightmare. Assisted by the Icicles, two vicious club kids who delight in cruelty, Lachlan’s mounting obsession with Dan quickly becomes fatal.

Punctuated by the original compositions of Esther Low, Ragnarok serves to confront its audience with difficult questions about issues of identity, power and illness that have evolved within the global gay community.

We hope that the play contributes to the breadth of theatre in Singapore that deals with LGBT issues, unsentimentally exploring a difficult narrative within the contemporary LGBT experience that deserves cross-examination.

Dates and Time: April 15th – 18th at 8pm.
Venue: The Substation Theatre, 45 Armenian Street.
Duration of show: 90 minutes
Ticket pricing: SGD$35 (plus booking fee)
Tickets Available: From www.skinnedkneeproductions.com 
Advisory: R18 – strong sexual content, homosexual themes, strong language and implied drug use 

For more information please visit www.skinnedkneeproductions.com or http://www.facebook.com/skinnedkneeproductions

Jan 16, 2015

Night's OUT 9: International Love

Love. 爱. Cinta. காதல். amour. 사랑. Liebe. 

SGRendezvous presents the first event of the year, Night's OUT 9: International Love! Join us in a celebration of the universality of love as we celebrate a belated Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year! Spend an evening with new friends as we celebrate love in its diverse forms across different cultures at Night's OUT 9: International Love.

Date: 28th Feb 2015
Time: 6pm to 9.30pm
Venue: To be released to registered participants
Please note that this event is open to GBQ men from 18 to 25 only.

Registration is now closed!